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Botanic Gold  Natural Soap 1 Gallon Concentrate
Product Code: HP101
Botanic Gold Natural Soap 1 Gallon Concentrate
Botanic Gold Multi-Use Botanical Soap

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Full Description:

Botanic Gold Multi-Use Botanical Soap is a silky golden non-toxic liquid soap powerful enough to completely free your home from all toxic cleaning chemicals including your everyday laundry detergent, dish washing soap, floor cleaners, and more. If you think that's great, listen to this. It can also be used for bathing, washing your hair, and even brushing your teeth.

A 1 Gallon Botanic Gold Multi-Use Botanical Soap Concentrate makes 3 gallons when diluted at 3:1. The formula is activated when you dilute it in distilled or reverse osmosis water and should not be used in its concentrated form. It works better when diluted.

We recommend to use with the BoGo Blaster Foamer Dispenser. See Foamer Dispenser for details.

Download Botanic Gold User Guide (PDF Document) - Click Here
Download Botanic Gold MSDS (PDF Document) - Click Here

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