Removing Blood Stains with Botanic Gold

BLOOD – (3:1) Use Sprayer or “super-charged” BoGo Blaster foam on blood spots. Leave soaking or agitate with brush and rinse. Overnight soaking does wonders on larger spots. For mattresses, upholstery and carpets, pump foam on spot and allow time for the micelle molecules to lift the stain off the surface.

Jerry Taylor from Miami, FL has the knack for fast spot removal:

“One time I shaved and got a little nick. I was getting ready for church but a little blood spot had dried on my collar. I sprayed a 3:1 solution just on the spot with a towel on the back. I used a toothbrush and scrubbed it and another damp towel to rinse it without it getting too wet. The spot dried really fast, and I was able to wear the shirt.”

Cleaning Bathtubs with Botanic Gold

BATHTUBS – (3:1) Sponge on or spray solution on all surfaces. Let sit at least 30 seconds. Scrub or wipe clean and rinse thoroughly. Great on soap scum!

Cleaning Beach Tar with Botanic Gold

BEACH TAR – (3:1) Spray directly on tar. Rub with fingers. Rinse off with ocean water! At home, use an old rag or paper towel to wipe tar off feet, shoes or other surfaces after spraying with Botanic GOLD. Supercharged, no-drip BoGo Blaster™ foam is a great idea for the car. Don’t leave for the beach without it!

Cleaning Beverage Stains with Botanic Gold

BEVERAGE STAINS – (3:1) Follow stain protocol: Use one paper towel behind stain.
Wet stain lightly with water (choose the water source with the least amount of minerals.) Spray solution on second paper towel. Dab carefully directly on the stain. Follow with more water and a clean paper towel. Do not rub – press to remove excess water and lift stain from material.

Cleaning Bowling Balls with Botanic Gold

BOWLING BALLS – (3:1) For a “reactive” bowling ball, use Botanic GOLD in a 3:1 solution. Spray, then buff with a damp cloth. This leaves a “tacky” surface. Enjoy your game!

Cleaning Brass with Botanic Gold

BRASS – (3:1) Botanic GOLD is great for removing oils left from hands on railings and other brass surfaces. Wipe with a damp cloth sprayed with solution. Dry thoroughly.

Cleaning Bricks with Botanic Gold

BRICKS – (3:1) Dampen area to be cleaned. Spray solution brush into solution and brush onto bricks. Rinse. A heavier depending on the amount of grime or soot on bricks.

All-Purpose Cleaner

ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER – (3:1) For normal jobs, spray and wipe. For tough jobs, spray on, agitate the molecules with a brush and let stand for about two minutes, then wipe clean.

Cleaning Air Filters with Botanic Gold

AIR FILTERS – (7:1) Spray, let sit for 15 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.
Jerry Taylor uses Botanic GOLD exclusively for his air conditioner filter:

“I have an electrostatic air filter for an air conditioner. They sent a special solution to wash it, because you can’t use just any kind of cleaner on it. After you use it and rinse it, the instructions say to hold it up to the sun to see if it completely cleaned the filter. I did this several times, but still couldn’t get rid of all the dark cloudy areas. Then I used Botanic GOLD 3:1 solution using the same procedure: spray, let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse. After I shot the water through it with the hose and held it up to the sun, all residues had completely disappeared!”

Cleaning Baby Toys with Botanic Gold

BABY TOYS – (3:1) Spray solution directly onto washable toys. Or, fill a bucket with warm water, add 2-4 ounces of 3:1 solution and allow toys to soak. Use small brush to clean in crevices if necessary. Rinse clean. For electronics or toys that cannot get wet, spray a washcloth until damp, wipe surfaces then dry with fresh cloth. For fabric toys or stuffed animals, launder or hand wash with Botanic GOLD Give your baby the benefit of a clean, chemical free, safe play environment! Don’t forget the preschool and big kid toys – especially for shared play areas.