Bonnie Alexander shared Botanic Gold with here friend

Hello Everyone, I am so pleased to be involved with this great Company with their strong beliefs. I truly feel I now belong to a large family (the Puretec family). I would like to share a letter I received from a friend of mine (for over 34 years), who had her life totally changed forever 12 years ago. She was working for a small business located in a basement, when the landlords glued down new carpet without opening windows or having an air exchange system to draw fresh air in from outside. She was moved back in the very same day they finished gluing the baseboards in place. After 6 weeks of getting sicker everyday, she reached the point of physical collapse.

One year later she saw a program on TV about people getting deathly sick over new carpet. A California toxicologist diagnosed all the damage from the exposure, but, it was to late, the damage had already been done to her system. She has been unable to work or have a normal life since that episode 12 years ago.

So, of course she was the first person I thought of to share our incredible toxic free product, Botanic Gold, with. She loves it and can finally clean her house with something more than Vinegar or Baking Soda and water. After using Botanic Gold on everything in her home, she wrote me this letter to Thank Me for introducing her to the awesome product. Here is her letter,

“You will sure be doing yourselves a BIG favor by switching to a non-toxic life style. After this happened to me and I became AWARE of what these everyday chemicals in our lives can and are doing to us, I didn’t need to wonder anymore about the increase of cancers, asthmas, learning disabilities, ms, and on and on it goes. By eliminating as much toxic stuff as you can out of your environment, it will give your body the opportunity to fix a lot of damage that may have already occurred on a cellular level. God did make the human body to fix a lot. However, there were no chemicals in the Garden of Eden. Our bodies were not made for this much EXPOSURE !!!”

I felt this was so powerful that I just had to share it with everyone!

Botanic Gold helped Jim Vigilante and his Baby

“I’ve already received my product (Botanic Gold) and have used it myself without any of the normal problems I would have had with a cleaning product as powerful as yours. I am one of those folks who cannot even be in a house where normal cleaners are being used unless I really want that headache and nauseous feeling that I’m guaranteed to get; I can’t even walk by the Perfume isle at the deparatment store! I just want to say how wonderful I think your product is and thank you for introducing it to me wrapped in such an outstanding opportunity.

My 2 year old daughter is allergic to everything from dogs to grass and I’m sure she is also benefiting greatly from us throwing out our chemical products and my wife is running a bunch of it over to her Mother, who had a transplant some time ago and can’t use any chemical products at all as per her doctors instructions.
For some of us, this is much more than some new cleaning product, it is a very real benefit to our everyday lives and recommending it to others will be my pleasure.”

Felicita Cordero Uses Botanic Gold for hair and skin

I have used Botanic Gold for several weeks now and can tell you that I love it. I use it to wash the dishes, clothing and bathe with it. But the best has been what it has done to my hair. I am 62 years old, have lots of grey hair that was brittle, dry and dull. I noticed a great difference the first time I washed my hair with it. All of my friends have complemented how my hair is now shinny, lively and soft. My older sister saw me yesterday and she could not get over how my hair and skin looked, so much so that she had her son out of Orlando look into the product. I just e-mailed him your site so you will be hearing from him and from my other nephew who lives in Houston. They will be new customers!

Irene Hartfield uses Botanic Gold for her carpet

Botanic GOLD is a very, very good natural rug shampoo. I use it in my rug shampoo machine. I make sure not to use too much. I put about an ounce and use hot water. I spray the spots first and then agitate them with a brush. Then i go over the carpet with the machine with soap in it, being sure to rinse well.

Stan & Danna McGinnis used Botanic Gold for their Laundry

Last Sunday morning I washed a load of dark colored clothes. Included in the load were 3 pairs of my daughters school pants, and a sweatshirt she had borrowed from a friend of hers. There were other clothes also, including a pair of white socks that was accidentally included in the load. When the washer stopped I tossed the load over into the dryer and went on with my day. A couple of hours later I opened up the dryer to find a RED gel pen that had bursted inside the dryer and had dried on every single item in the load. 3 pairs of school pants and a borrowed sweat shirt! I was in shock! They were ruined. I might get a couple of the items close enough to wear again, but they would never be restored.

Anyway, I picked up my 3-n-1 Botanical Gold . I sprayed the spots and them rubbed the spot with another part of the garment. I could see the ink running off the clothes. My husband took the 3-n-1 and began cleaning the ink dried on the inside of the dryer. The dryer was completely clean within a few minutes . We threw everything in the washing machine and let the load soak for about an hour. The water was a bright pink. Then we washed the load and EVERYTHING came out.

Nothing I would have had in the past would have saved this load of laundry. I saved out the pair of white socks to show them to prospects, one white and one red, because you just can’t believe the mess I was in before I reached for the Botanical Gold.

Tom uses Botanic Gold for General House Cleaning

My wife and I have the BoGo bottles in both bathrooms, on the kitchen sink, and the utility sink in the garage.

It works great cleaning eating utinsils – silverware – dishes – greasy hands in the kitchen or the garage. We’ve effectively used it on stuborn stains on various garments that other soaps would hardly even touch.

We couldn’t even imagine not having Botanic Gold in our home. We highly recommend it to every household… IT WORKS!