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What is your affiliation with PureTec International?

We at NonToxicSoap.com are an Independent distributor of PureTec’s products through Symmetry Direct.

Planet Solutions was the original maker of Botanic Gold. They then changed their name to PureTec International and in 2004, PureTec then sold the marketing rights of their products to Symmetry International.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5:00pm EST
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Where are you located?

We are located in Jacksonville, Florida but some of our products are shipped out from our distribution center located in Orlando, Florida.

What is your affiliation with Planet Solutions?

We at NonToxicSoap.com are an Independent distributor of PureTec’s products through Symmetry Direct.

Planet Solutions was the original maker of Botanic Gold. They then changed their name to PureTec International and in 2004, PureTec then sold the marketing rights of their products to Symmetry International.

To visit Symmetry’s website please click here.

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How can I place an Order?

There are three ways to order our products. The first is by ordering using our secure website, by phone or by mail.

Online – to order online, browse through our product categories and add the desired products to the shopping cart. You will then be able to check out and pay by credit card using our SECURE CHECKOUT. To pay using PayPal, simply select the “PayPal” option instead of credit card for your type of payment.

Phone – Phone orders can be placed by calling 1-800-953-2630

Check or Money Order – We accept personal checks and money order. Please keep in mind that when you order using this option, it may take up to 10 days longer for your order to be processed. To order by check, use our Secure Shopping Cart and select Check/Money order as the form of payment. Once you complete your order, you will receive an email containing the information to make your payment.

Send your checks payable to:
Cruzan Concepts Inc.
7518 Hawks Cliff Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32222

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Products (8)

Does Botanic Gold have a smell?

Botanic Gold Concentrate has a light smell. However, it is important for anyone with strong sensitivities or allergies to test any new product carefully.

How long have Botanic Gold been on the market?

Botanic Gold have been around since 1996. It’s original name was “Total Solution.”

I was told Botanic Gold kill lice in hair, is this true?

Yes. Botanic Gold provides a natural treatment for killing head lice.

Where can I download the user guide for Botanic Gold?

Please go to our “Botanic Gold User Guide” page and download the 25 page PDF document? Click Here

What is the ingredients of Botanic Gold?

Botanic Gold has the finest ingredients and has no Genetically Modified Organisms (GNO) in them.

We do NOT use petroleum or any other chemicals to produce our products. Our products has been tested in the marketplace for over 5 years and is gaining
popularity in the MCS & health conscious community. Below is a list of the ingredients found in our products.

Botanic Gold Ingredients:
Purified water, fatty acids, organic alcohol, folic acid, minerals and enzymes derived from edible and seed bearing plants.



The Technology Used for Botanic Gold

Behind Botanic Gold is one of this century’s most promising advances in environmental science, colloidal chemistry. Botanic Gold provides a new solution to the personal health and environmental hazards of toxic cleaners and the free radicals emitted by them.

Colloidal products are non-hazardous, non-fuming, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-explosive, non-hazardous. While highly effective, they are exceptionally gentle, safer and readily biodegradable.

They are phenomenally effective in preventing further environmental contamination. The price is only slightly more than harsh chemical cleaners and solvents, offset by reductions in Workman’s Compensation claims, cost of protective clothing, expensive disposal procedures and fire insurance.

One container of colloidal concentrate can replace dozens of hazardous chemical cleaners and solvents, including household, industrial, marine, agricultural, vehicle and boat maintenance, and pet care chemicals.
The precise ingredients and blending process are proprietary. The ingredients conform to, and are defined as non-hazardous under OSHA Standards 29 CFR-1910 1200.

What is colloidal micelle?
The heart of this new chemistry is the technology used to develop a “colloidal micelle.” Sub-microscopic particles are created in a microscopic field similar to a magnetic field. It differs from traditional chemistry in that the molecular attraction is not the usual attraction between positive and negative poles. Rather, it is between like poles.

An analogy would be that negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. The micelle has a hydrophilic (water seeking) pole and a hydrophobic (water repelling) pole. The hydrophobic poles attract each other, thus forming the interior of the micelle. The hydrophilic poles form a tough outer surface.

When a micelle comes in contact with a hydrocarbon molecule, the center of the micelle bonds to a similar hydrophobic hydrocarbon. It disrupts the attraction to other hydrocarbon molecules and/or to the surface.
The action of a single micelle is multiplied by billions of other micelles. The molecular level emulsification process penetrates highly viscous and sticky materials, lifting them from the surface to which they adhere.

Considering the damage inflicted on life and the planet by harsh cleaners and solvents, colloidal chemistry is an exceptionally advance towards environmental preservation.

Is your Botanic Gold formula the same as Planet Solutions?

Yes, in 2001 Planet Solutions changed their name to PureTec International and their product name to Botanic Gold. Its the same great product with a different name.

Is Botanic Gold hypoallergenic?

Botanic Gold was made with the chemically injured in mind so it is safe for people with chemical sensitivities to use, however, even the gentlest ingredient can cause an allergic reaction to someone. Not every person will react the same way to the same product

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Testimony (7)

🙂 Do you have a testimony you would like to share?

If you or someone you know have benefited from using Botanic Gold, please send us your testimony and we will post it on our site.

To send in your testimony, use our CONTACT US form.

Tom uses Botanic Gold for General House Cleaning

My wife and I have the BoGo bottles in both bathrooms, on the kitchen sink, and the utility sink in the garage.

It works great cleaning eating utinsils – silverware – dishes – greasy hands in the kitchen or the garage. We’ve effectively used it on stuborn stains on various garments that other soaps would hardly even touch.

We couldn’t even imagine not having Botanic Gold in our home. We highly recommend it to every household… IT WORKS!

Stan & Danna McGinnis used Botanic Gold for their Laundry

Last Sunday morning I washed a load of dark colored clothes. Included in the load were 3 pairs of my daughters school pants, and a sweatshirt she had borrowed from a friend of hers. There were other clothes also, including a pair of white socks that was accidentally included in the load. When the washer stopped I tossed the load over into the dryer and went on with my day. A couple of hours later I opened up the dryer to find a RED gel pen that had bursted inside the dryer and had dried on every single item in the load. 3 pairs of school pants and a borrowed sweat shirt! I was in shock! They were ruined. I might get a couple of the items close enough to wear again, but they would never be restored.

Anyway, I picked up my 3-n-1 Botanical Gold . I sprayed the spots and them rubbed the spot with another part of the garment. I could see the ink running off the clothes. My husband took the 3-n-1 and began cleaning the ink dried on the inside of the dryer. The dryer was completely clean within a few minutes . We threw everything in the washing machine and let the load soak for about an hour. The water was a bright pink. Then we washed the load and EVERYTHING came out.

Nothing I would have had in the past would have saved this load of laundry. I saved out the pair of white socks to show them to prospects, one white and one red, because you just can’t believe the mess I was in before I reached for the Botanical Gold.

Irene Hartfield uses Botanic Gold for her carpet

Botanic GOLD is a very, very good natural rug shampoo. I use it in my rug shampoo machine. I make sure not to use too much. I put about an ounce and use hot water. I spray the spots first and then agitate them with a brush. Then i go over the carpet with the machine with soap in it, being sure to rinse well.

Felicita Cordero Uses Botanic Gold for hair and skin

I have used Botanic Gold for several weeks now and can tell you that I love it. I use it to wash the dishes, clothing and bathe with it. But the best has been what it has done to my hair. I am 62 years old, have lots of grey hair that was brittle, dry and dull. I noticed a great difference the first time I washed my hair with it. All of my friends have complemented how my hair is now shinny, lively and soft. My older sister saw me yesterday and she could not get over how my hair and skin looked, so much so that she had her son out of Orlando look into the product. I just e-mailed him your site so you will be hearing from him and from my other nephew who lives in Houston. They will be new customers!

Botanic Gold helped Jim Vigilante and his Baby

“I’ve already received my product (Botanic Gold) and have used it myself without any of the normal problems I would have had with a cleaning product as powerful as yours. I am one of those folks who cannot even be in a house where normal cleaners are being used unless I really want that headache and nauseous feeling that I’m guaranteed to get; I can’t even walk by the Perfume isle at the deparatment store! I just want to say how wonderful I think your product is and thank you for introducing it to me wrapped in such an outstanding opportunity.

My 2 year old daughter is allergic to everything from dogs to grass and I’m sure she is also benefiting greatly from us throwing out our chemical products and my wife is running a bunch of it over to her Mother, who had a transplant some time ago and can’t use any chemical products at all as per her doctors instructions.
For some of us, this is much more than some new cleaning product, it is a very real benefit to our everyday lives and recommending it to others will be my pleasure.”

Bonnie Alexander shared Botanic Gold with here friend

Hello Everyone, I am so pleased to be involved with this great Company with their strong beliefs. I truly feel I now belong to a large family (the Puretec family). I would like to share a letter I received from a friend of mine (for over 34 years), who had her life totally changed forever 12 years ago. She was working for a small business located in a basement, when the landlords glued down new carpet without opening windows or having an air exchange system to draw fresh air in from outside. She was moved back in the very same day they finished gluing the baseboards in place. After 6 weeks of getting sicker everyday, she reached the point of physical collapse.

One year later she saw a program on TV about people getting deathly sick over new carpet. A California toxicologist diagnosed all the damage from the exposure, but, it was to late, the damage had already been done to her system. She has been unable to work or have a normal life since that episode 12 years ago.

So, of course she was the first person I thought of to share our incredible toxic free product, Botanic Gold, with. She loves it and can finally clean her house with something more than Vinegar or Baking Soda and water. After using Botanic Gold on everything in her home, she wrote me this letter to Thank Me for introducing her to the awesome product. Here is her letter,

“You will sure be doing yourselves a BIG favor by switching to a non-toxic life style. After this happened to me and I became AWARE of what these everyday chemicals in our lives can and are doing to us, I didn’t need to wonder anymore about the increase of cancers, asthmas, learning disabilities, ms, and on and on it goes. By eliminating as much toxic stuff as you can out of your environment, it will give your body the opportunity to fix a lot of damage that may have already occurred on a cellular level. God did make the human body to fix a lot. However, there were no chemicals in the Garden of Eden. Our bodies were not made for this much EXPOSURE !!!”

I felt this was so powerful that I just had to share it with everyone!

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Is your shopping cart secure and safe?

Yes, all NonToxicSoap.com credit card transactions are encrypted for your security. When you are on the payment page, you will notice the “https” in the address bar along with the lock icon on your browser window.

If you are concerned about security you can always place your orders over the phone. Our order line is 1-800-953-2630

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major Credit Cards for online payments including Visa, MasterCard, and America Express. If you have a Discover Card, you will have to pay using PayPal.

We also accept payment by check or money order. Please keep in mind that when you order by check or money order, your order will not be sent out until the check has been cleared in the bank which could take up to 4 business days.

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Downloads (3)

Where can I find the User Guide for treating Head Lice?

You can download Botanic Gold Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) by clicking on the following link. Please keep in mind that this document is a PDF file and may take a few minutes to download depending upon your internet speed.

Click Here to download

Where can I find the user guide for Botanic Gold?

You can download Botanic Gold User Guid by clicking on the following link. Please keep in mind that this document is a PDF file and may take a few minutes to download depending upon your internet speed.

Click Here To Download

Where can I find the MSDS for Botanic Gold?

You can download Botanic Gold Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) by clicking on the following link. Please keep in mind that this document is a PDF file and may take a few minutes to download depending upon your internet speed.

Click Here

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Botanic Gold User Guide (22)

Cleaning Bathtub Mat with Botanic Gold

BATHTUB MAT – (1:1) Spray both sides with the 1:1 solution. Let sit 30 seconds.
Agitate with stiff brush or terry cloth rag. Rinse. For ongoing maintenance, use a 3:1 solution.

Cleaning Bathrooms with Botanic Gold

BATHROOMS – (3:1) Botanic GOLD can be used for every corner of your bathroom!

Faith Richardson in Steelville, IL originally purchased Botanic GOLD to help rid her dog of ear mites. Then she started cleaning with it when she ran out of her regular cleaner.

Here’s her story:

“Because it cleaned everything so well I used it all up and my house was never cleaner. It took out spots I thought would always be there. I used the 3:1 dilution for heavy corroded areas, 7:1 on others, and finally 31:1 as that was all I had left. The faucets had lime deposits and looked corroded. The tub and sink were dull with wear. After cleaning, it sparkled. I got all the deposits out. The rugs had stains that had been there for years, but they came out. Windows sparkled. Mildew came out of the ceiling in the bathroom.”

Cleaning Basketballs with Botanic Gold

BASKETBALLS – (3:1) Spray, then buff with a damp cloth. For really gritty outdoor use,
spray, then agitate with brush to lift dirt. Rinse clean.

Cleaning Backyard Items with Botanic Gold

BACKYARD ITEMS – (3:1) Spray, soak or scrub stuff depending on size and accumulation of dirt. Use water pressure to help remove grit.

Cleaning Baby Toys with Botanic Gold

BABY TOYS – (3:1) Spray solution directly onto washable toys. Or, fill a bucket with warm water, add 2-4 ounces of 3:1 solution and allow toys to soak. Use small brush to clean in crevices if necessary. Rinse clean. For electronics or toys that cannot get wet, spray a washcloth until damp, wipe surfaces then dry with fresh cloth. For fabric toys or stuffed animals, launder or hand wash with Botanic GOLD Give your baby the benefit of a clean, chemical free, safe play environment! Don’t forget the preschool and big kid toys – especially for shared play areas.

Cleaning Ash Trays with Botanic Gold

ASH TRAYS – (3:1) Empty excess ashes, spray with solution and rinse clean.

Cleaning Appliances with Botanic Gold

APPLIANCES – (3:1) Spray, let sit for 30 seconds, then wipe.

Cleaning Aluminum with Botanic Gold

ALUMINUM – (7:1) Spray and wipe. If needed, agitate molecules by brushing and allow to soak before wiping.

Cleaning Air Filters with Botanic Gold

AIR FILTERS – (7:1) Spray, let sit for 15 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.
Jerry Taylor uses Botanic GOLD exclusively for his air conditioner filter:

“I have an electrostatic air filter for an air conditioner. They sent a special solution to wash it, because you can’t use just any kind of cleaner on it. After you use it and rinse it, the instructions say to hold it up to the sun to see if it completely cleaned the filter. I did this several times, but still couldn’t get rid of all the dark cloudy areas. Then I used Botanic GOLD 3:1 solution using the same procedure: spray, let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse. After I shot the water through it with the hose and held it up to the sun, all residues had completely disappeared!”

All-Purpose Cleaner

ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER – (3:1) For normal jobs, spray and wipe. For tough jobs, spray on, agitate the molecules with a brush and let stand for about two minutes, then wipe clean.

Cleaning Venetian and Mini Blinds with Botanic Gold

BLINDS (VENETIAN AND MINI) – (3:1) Close blinds completely. Wipe solution on with damp cloth or towel and follow with a soft, dry cloth.

Cleaning Bronz with Botanic Gold

BRONZE – (7:1) Spray cloth with solution. Wipe item with damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.

Cleaning Briefcases with Botanic Gold

BRIEFCASES – (31:1) Wipe with damp cloth sprayed with solution and dry immediately.

Cleaning Bricks with Botanic Gold

BRICKS – (3:1) Dampen area to be cleaned. Spray solution brush into solution and brush onto bricks. Rinse. A heavier depending on the amount of grime or soot on bricks.

Cleaning Brass with Botanic Gold

BRASS – (3:1) Botanic GOLD is great for removing oils left from hands on railings and other brass surfaces. Wipe with a damp cloth sprayed with solution. Dry thoroughly.

Cleaning Bowling Balls with Botanic Gold

BOWLING BALLS – (3:1) For a “reactive” bowling ball, use Botanic GOLD in a 3:1 solution. Spray, then buff with a damp cloth. This leaves a “tacky” surface. Enjoy your game!

Cleaning Bicycles with Botanic Gold

BICYCLES – (3:1) Spray solution on wheels, frame, handlebars, etc. Wipe with damp cloth and buff dry.

Cleaning Beverage Stains with Botanic Gold

BEVERAGE STAINS – (3:1) Follow stain protocol: Use one paper towel behind stain.
Wet stain lightly with water (choose the water source with the least amount of minerals.) Spray solution on second paper towel. Dab carefully directly on the stain. Follow with more water and a clean paper towel. Do not rub – press to remove excess water and lift stain from material.

Cleaning Beach Tar with Botanic Gold

BEACH TAR – (3:1) Spray directly on tar. Rub with fingers. Rinse off with ocean water! At home, use an old rag or paper towel to wipe tar off feet, shoes or other surfaces after spraying with Botanic GOLD. Supercharged, no-drip BoGo Blaster™ foam is a great idea for the car. Don’t leave for the beach without it!

Cleaning Bathtubs with Botanic Gold

BATHTUBS – (3:1) Sponge on or spray solution on all surfaces. Let sit at least 30 seconds. Scrub or wipe clean and rinse thoroughly. Great on soap scum!

Removing Adhesives with Botanic Gold

ADHESIVES – (1:1) Spray and allow to soak. Agitate with brush or fingernail and rinse clean.

Removing Blood Stains with Botanic Gold

BLOOD – (3:1) Use Sprayer or “super-charged” BoGo Blaster foam on blood spots. Leave soaking or agitate with brush and rinse. Overnight soaking does wonders on larger spots. For mattresses, upholstery and carpets, pump foam on spot and allow time for the micelle molecules to lift the stain off the surface.

Jerry Taylor from Miami, FL has the knack for fast spot removal:

“One time I shaved and got a little nick. I was getting ready for church but a little blood spot had dried on my collar. I sprayed a 3:1 solution just on the spot with a towel on the back. I used a toothbrush and scrubbed it and another damp towel to rinse it without it getting too wet. The spot dried really fast, and I was able to wear the shirt.”

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