FAQ's / Botanic Gold helped Jim Vigilante and his Baby

“I’ve already received my product (Botanic Gold) and have used it myself without any of the normal problems I would have had with a cleaning product as powerful as yours. I am one of those folks who cannot even be in a house where normal cleaners are being used unless I really want that headache and nauseous feeling that I’m guaranteed to get; I can’t even walk by the Perfume isle at the deparatment store! I just want to say how wonderful I think your product is and thank you for introducing it to me wrapped in such an outstanding opportunity.

My 2 year old daughter is allergic to everything from dogs to grass and I’m sure she is also benefiting greatly from us throwing out our chemical products and my wife is running a bunch of it over to her Mother, who had a transplant some time ago and can’t use any chemical products at all as per her doctors instructions.
For some of us, this is much more than some new cleaning product, it is a very real benefit to our everyday lives and recommending it to others will be my pleasure.”

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