FAQ's / Cleaning Bathrooms with Botanic Gold

BATHROOMS – (3:1) Botanic GOLD can be used for every corner of your bathroom!

Faith Richardson in Steelville, IL originally purchased Botanic GOLD to help rid her dog of ear mites. Then she started cleaning with it when she ran out of her regular cleaner.

Here’s her story:

“Because it cleaned everything so well I used it all up and my house was never cleaner. It took out spots I thought would always be there. I used the 3:1 dilution for heavy corroded areas, 7:1 on others, and finally 31:1 as that was all I had left. The faucets had lime deposits and looked corroded. The tub and sink were dull with wear. After cleaning, it sparkled. I got all the deposits out. The rugs had stains that had been there for years, but they came out. Windows sparkled. Mildew came out of the ceiling in the bathroom.”

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