FAQ's / Stan & Danna McGinnis used Botanic Gold for their Laundry

Last Sunday morning I washed a load of dark colored clothes. Included in the load were 3 pairs of my daughters school pants, and a sweatshirt she had borrowed from a friend of hers. There were other clothes also, including a pair of white socks that was accidentally included in the load. When the washer stopped I tossed the load over into the dryer and went on with my day. A couple of hours later I opened up the dryer to find a RED gel pen that had bursted inside the dryer and had dried on every single item in the load. 3 pairs of school pants and a borrowed sweat shirt! I was in shock! They were ruined. I might get a couple of the items close enough to wear again, but they would never be restored.

Anyway, I picked up my 3-n-1 Botanical Gold . I sprayed the spots and them rubbed the spot with another part of the garment. I could see the ink running off the clothes. My husband took the 3-n-1 and began cleaning the ink dried on the inside of the dryer. The dryer was completely clean within a few minutes . We threw everything in the washing machine and let the load soak for about an hour. The water was a bright pink. Then we washed the load and EVERYTHING came out.

Nothing I would have had in the past would have saved this load of laundry. I saved out the pair of white socks to show them to prospects, one white and one red, because you just can’t believe the mess I was in before I reached for the Botanical Gold.

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